Appointing An Agent

Appointing an Agent

When considering selling your home, the first thing you should do is appoint a Real Estate Agent. Here are some tips to help you find the agent that is right for you 

The benefits a Real Estate Agent should offer

Your home is likely to be one of your most valuable, if not most valuable assets, so professional expertise and assistance with the sale are certainly worthwhile. For this reason, most home sellers appoint a Real Estate Agent.
Appointing a Real Estate Agent should offer you the following advantages:
  • Access to market appraisal data,
  • The development and implementation of a marketing plan,
  • Listing on the Internet,
  • Advice on how to present your home to the public,
  • Access to a large database of potential buyers,
  • Screening of potential buyers,
  • Assistance when negotiating the best price, and
  • Effective administration of all Thai legal and financial requirements

Build a list of possible agents

You should meet with several Real Estate Agents before selecting the agent of choice.
You can check through local newspapers for agents actively promoting properties in the area of your choice, and look out for 'For Sale' signs in the area as well, and making a note of the listing agent.
Quick Tips
Don't be alarmed if agents suggest meeting at your house. This will give them the opportunity to conduct a property appraisal. This service should be provided for free and does not obligate you to list your property with the agent.

Ask the right questions 

Meeting with Real Estate Agents is similar to conducting job interviews. The agent wants to work for you, and you select the best candidate for the job. Therefore, prepare a list of questions to ask all the agents you meet.
Possible questions to ask prospective agents include:
  • How long have you been a Real estate Agent?
  • How familiar are you with the area in which my property is located?
  • How many properties have you sold in this area recently?
  • How did you calculate the price you suggest we could sell our property for? (Refer determining your price).
  • What marketing plan would you envisage using for our property?
  • Will you provide regular sales progress reports?
  • Do you place importance on high ethical standards?
Other items you may like to review include the quality of the promotional material and the personal presentation of the Real Estate Agent. You could also ask for Contact Us details of recent clients, and then refer to these people for further insight into the agent's capabilities.
Quick Tips
Also take the time to ask your family, friends and associates for referrals. First hand experiences with particular agents can prove extremely valuable when deciding which agent to appoint.

Enlist an agent's services 

Once you have decided on the Real Estate Agent, a written agreement should be drawn up. This will contain an estimate of the total fees, charges and expenses you can expect to pay for a successful sale.
Quick Tips
Read this agreement carefully and if you are unsure of any aspects, seek legal advice before signing the document.