Reasons for Investing

Reasons for Investing in Property

Despite the diverse profile of property investors, by far and away the most common reason for investing (66%) was to provide a secure long-term investment, with investment income being the next reason.
Purchasing property ("bricks and mortar") has always been a sound investment strategy, and with the current rate of Exchange for the Thai Baht, and the resurgent Thai economy and tourist markets, buying a property in Thailand is certainly an option worth considering. Good quality rental properties are currently enjoying 10% to 12% returns.
Statistics indicate that over the long term, both share markets and property markets tend to show substantial increases in value and both can be excellent investments. Individual stocks and properties can significantly out (or under) perform market averages. Selection of the right stock or property (in the right place at the right time) is therefore the key to successful investment. Good information and sound advice is fundamental to this investment decision- so it is always wise to speak to your Real Estate Agent before proceeding.
Investment in a property (without debt) is an investment in real assets ("bricks & mortar") that will always exist in a substantially unchanged form and be able to be put to very much the same use as originally intended (or even an entirely new one) irrespective of it's market value. As someone once said; "buy land, it's the only thing they aren't making any more of". Stocks on the other hand, are very much intangible interests (even where the underlying company has real assets) in a business that can potentially fail and become bankrupt and completely valueless.